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No More Coffee, No More Beer

[Listen] Have you ever wondered what’s going to happen when we run out of stuff? Like fresh water, salt, and whatever your favorite stuff might be. “No More Coffee, No More Beer” began life leaning in that direction. Somewhere along the line it lightened up a bit, depending on how

The Razor Song

[Listen] It’s often funny how songs come about. At the office one day we were talking about our favorite cell phones. Mine was a Razr. I’d probably still be using it but it was in my shirt pocket while I was looking around tide pools and it went for a

We Are All Insane

[Listen] When I commute, I often take the train and then a shuttle from the station to the office. One day the bus driver was complaining about how early he had to get up to be at work on time, how bad the commute was, etc. That stuck with me

Cookin’, Cleanin’, and Agitatin’

[Listen] There’s a song genre that demonstrates the futility of censorship. With the right use of words and inflection, the most ordinary acts can be a thin cover over some more interesting message. One well known song in this vein is Alberta Hunter’s “My Handy Man” in which she’s apparently singing

Àguas de Março

[Listen] One of the most beloved songs in Brazil is also one of my favorites, the classic “Àguas de Março” by Antonio Carlos Jobim. On the surface, the song sounds like a list of stuff. A stick, a stone, the end of the road, a tree stump, a little alone.