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We Are All Insane


When I commute, I often take the train and then a shuttle from the station to the office. One day the bus driver was complaining about how early he had to get up to be at work on time, how bad the commute was, etc. That stuck with me – much of what we do makes so little sense but we do it day after day because that’s just how it is.

“We Are All Insane” started out as “The Bus Driver’s Song”, just noting his thoughts. As I worked on it, however, it became something else.

It got combined with what I think every time I get on the freeway – We are all insane! How could all these people possibly have something important enough to do that justifies wasting their lives stuck in traffic, needlessly burning more oil, and dumping more CO2 into the atmosphere? And it extends into every facet of our lives: work, home, politics, the environment, social justice, and on and on and on…